2nd March 2020

Network Packet loss affecting some routes

We experienced two brief periods of disruption on one of our upstream transit routes between 22:00 UTC and 22:15 UTC yesterday evening (2020-03-02), which resulted in significant packet loss to some destinations on the internet. We're currently investigating the root cause of the incident further with the provider in question and will provide more details in due course.

We haven't witnessed any further disruption since yesterday evening and network performance is currently normal.

UPDATE 2020-03-03: The provider was carrying out some planned maintenance work on a core switch in Manchester which was not anticipated to impact our service. We were not notified in advance and were unable to take appropriate action to reroute traffic for the duration of the work. The provider has completed a review of their impact assessment and notification procedure and updated it to ensure we don't see a repeat of this incident in future.