8th September 2022

Network Partial disruption to internet connectivity

We're currently witnessing packet loss on one of our upstream transit circuits. We've taken measures to route around the affected circuit and are currently investigating further while continuing to monitor the situation.

0800 UTC: We're continuing to work with our upstream provider to identify the root cause of the issue. We're still routing traffic via alternative paths as we complete our investigation, so network performance is not impacted.

0940 UTC: Our carrier experienced a core router failure in Telehouse North, affecting traffic routed via London. They're continuing to complete an investigation of the root cause and we'll provide further details once available.

1100 UTC: A critical hardware problem was responsible for the failure of the core router in THN. The router has now been physically replaced and recommissioned. We're continuing to monitor the performance and stability of affected network paths before bringing them back in to service.

1330 UTC: We've started to route some traffic over the previously affected paths as we continue to monitor performance closely.

1530 UTC: We've now restored our standard routing policy and continue to monitor performance.