3rd March 2023

Network Partial disruption to internet connectivity

We experienced a brief period of packet loss affecting some routes via one of our upstream transit providers between approximately 14:58 UTC and 15:09 UTC this afternoon.

Traffic has now been rerouted via alternative paths, so reachability should have recovered fully. If you're still experiencing network performance issues then please contact us at support@brightbox.com

We're continuing to investigate the root cause and will provide further details shortly.

UPDATE 16:30 UTC: we haven't seen any further disruption on the affected routes since 15:09 UTC, though we're continuing to monitor performance closely.

UPDATE 17:00 UTC: the provider has confirmed they experienced an incident during the period above which has now been fully resolved and no further disruption is anticipated. We're awaiting the completion of their investigation and will provide further details in due course. We're continuing to monitor the performance of the affected routes closely.